Zorn Palette (color chart)

This is a color Chart I made using the “Zorn Palette”.  This was not Anders Zorn’s ( 1860-1920) only palette he did have other colors that he used especially when he worked outside, this palette refers primarily to his indoor work.  It is basically simplified primaries: Red, Yellow, and Blue.

I use Gamblin Ivory Black, Utrecht Yellow Ochre, Windsor Newton Cadmium Red and Titanium/Zinc White.Zorn Chart 101


The Chart shows the range of the palette as you can see it is fairly large.  Let me explain how the colors are laid out.

The first swatch (upper left corner) is Ivory Black, and below I have gradated it white white.  Next to that is Ivory Black mixed with Cad Red, Black being the dominate color. Ect ect ect….

Below are examples of Zorn’s Work.

I used this palette quite a bit when I was learning to paint and I still use it today.  Its a great starter palette.

Below are the brands of paint I typically use.

Here are a couple of my Zorn Palette works


black kim startsm

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