Silicon and the Open M

The other day I received the best outdoor painting pochade box on the market the, Open M Pochade Box. It’s a great box, easy to set up, breakdown, very compact, lightweight,well made and very study.  The company that makes them is very friendly and will answer any question you may have.

The only thing I don’t like about it  is the wood palette.  I don’t like to mix my paint on wood because of the very warm yellow color, and I can’t clean the paint with a paint scraper or razor blade.  So I asked Doug at Open M if I could put a piece of glass on top of the wood.  He said of course it is very easy modification. I had to remove one screw and purchase a piece of glass. I put a piece of neutral Grey palette paper down then before putting the glass down I sealed it by lining the edges of the palette with silicone.  Next I placed the glass down and put the screw back in.  Let it dry for about 3 hours or so and your done.

The Silicone will not only hold the glass down, but will seal the glass on top and won’t allow any mineral spirits, linseed oil, or whatever you may be painting with to slip under the glass and stain or damage the wood or paper underneath the glass.

Ready to go Paint!

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