How to “Successfully” pour Mineral Spirits from a Gamsol container

Most oil painters I know use Gamsol, Gamblin’s odorless Mineral Spirits, to clean and thin their oil paints, it is the most refined and best Mineral Spirit I have used.  Gamsol comes in a rectangular metal container whatever size you purchase.  (for the below demonstration I am using the gallon container)

You may say “this is an easy task” but many of the people who use Gamsol ,including me until a few years ago, do not know how to pour it without getting it all over their hands or without making it splash upwards.  I used to somehow get the Gamsol everywhere and it chugged when I poured it. That was until my Dad, Dads know all about this kind of stuff, saw me pouring it and told me the secret

Here is the secret: “Pour it from the highest point”

Yes!                                            No….

Here is a video !



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