Renaissance of Realism “Windows to the Divine” Exhibition Gallery 1261 Denver Colorado

I’m very excited to be participating in the show at Gallery 1261, I will have three pieces in the exhibition

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The Dangers of Zinc White ( article by Natural Pigments )

A paper written by scientists at the Smithsonian’s Museum Conservation Institute exposes long-term problems with zinc white in oil paint. The report “The Chemical and Mechanical Effects of Pigments on Drying Oils” describes the highlights of a 28-year study on the stability and strength of oil paint films. The results are revealing and have important implications for artwork made with artists’ oil paints containing zinc white.


Screen shot 2015-11-05 at 4.48.30 PM

“Should artists toss out their tubes of white oil color containing zinc white? If artists are concerned about the long-term prospects of their paintings, the answer is affirmative. Does this mean that zinc white should be removed from the lists of pigments suitable for serious artistic use? Maybe. For the time being, it should only be used in paint where the objective is not permanence.”


Portrait Lighting Guide

This is a really nice guide to the different types of Portrait Lighting and the Equipment involved. Click on the image for an even larger reproduction.Free_portrait_lighting_posterSM


Studio Sale Sunday August 30th 5-8pm

Santa Clarita 5-8pm I am trying to clear out some room by selling my sketches , Frames, paintings and more ! Everyone is welcome and almost everything is for sale ! if you would like to attend RSVP me @




I have uploaded several images with prices here please email me for more info.



How to make a Brush Washer (for oil painting bushes)

Brush  Washer for oil painting can be expensive, around $30+ from the art store. Here is how to make one fast, inexpensive, and simple.

photo 44 copy
Below is all you need and it will cost you around $5.

photo 1 copy
1 Quart Can (Home Depot $3)
1 Vegetable Strainer ($0.99)
1 Pair of scissors or wire cutters

photo 11 copy
Cut the wire mesh from the strainer and put it in the bottom of the can so it retains its dome shape. There are several different size strainers try to get one that is just a little bigger than you quart can so when you put it in it is snug. The strainer will be used to clean the oil paint off your brush, by wiping your brush against it, and it will also hold all the dirty oil paint to the bottom of the 33 copy
Fill with Gamsol, Turpenoid, or whatever you use to clean your brushes. Make sure you fill it past the top of the strainer, this should be around 3/4 full. This is what I have used in my studio since I began painting.


Michigan Workshop November 6-8th

I am conducting a short workshop @ the Franciscan Life Process Center Nov 6-8th 2015 click the image below for more information.

contemplation13x8oil on panel


John Singer Sargent, the best at saying more with less

In this gorgeous portrait John Singer Sargent makes very few value changes in the light areas of the face, he instead used color to indicate subtle anatomical changes.  I made the image black and white so you can more clearly see how he grouped his values. Look for example at the jawline, there is almost no value change, he was able to turn the form by changing the color to a greenish grey. He does this all over the light side of the head. (Click image to enlarge)



California Art Club Signature Member

cacsignature copy

I am very honored and excited to to learn I have been elevated to Signature Member Status of the California Art Club (CAC). Thank you to the board and Peter and Elaine Adams, this means a lot to me.


In Memoriam 20 Paintings by Modern master of Pulp Cover art Glen Orbik

Glen Orbik, an artist known for his dames-and-guns pulp novel art and no shortage of painted comic-book covers, died last week of cancer. He was in his early 50s. Orbik’s most notable creations were done for Hard Case Crime, an imprint founded in 2004 that reprinted classic crime paperbacks and published new works by established authors.

Orbik also painted covers for Marvel and DC comics, as well as science fiction and adventure novels. He was also an esteemed art instructor.

An excellent tribute at the Killer Covers blog includes a personal note from Charles Ardai, co-founder of Hard Case, who says:

“Glen was a shooting star, a miracle. Losing him is like losing Jim Henson, like losing Robin Williams. Such talent. Such a cruel fate.”

Below are 20 images by Orbik, just a small sample of his impressive body of work. Visit his official site for more information and pictures. (Sources for these images: Killer Covers, Pulp Covers, Image(i)narte.)




“Good Dog Better Art ” Sidetracked Studios, Chicago May 30th


Great line up of artists, who we are proud to exhibit at Sidetracked Studio! So many great paintings in this show including this fantastic piece by Aaron Westerberg. Be sure to come to our opening May 30 from 6-9pm. Drinks provided by the incomparable New Holland Brewing Co.. This is also a fundraiser for Trio Animal Foundation.

About Trio Animal Foundation:
The TAF is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that assists shelters, rescues and individuals by paying the medical bills of homeless pets. TAF also promotes adoption and responsible pet ownership, including spay and neuter.